Juul Pods and other Compatible JUUL pods

Juul Pods and other Compatible JUUL pods

Posted by Jeniffer on 28th Sep 2018

You are looking for Authentic JUUL Products for Cheap prince and Fast Delivery?? You are in the right place. offer JUUL Pods for lowest prices on market and with high level of costumer ser … read more

What is the VG and PG?

Posted by Valgous inc. on 27th Oct 2015

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a sticky consistency between solid and liquid, having a high viscosity, colorless chemical that’s slightly sweet to the taste and present in a lot of consumer products. It … read more

Take the Right Juice to vape!

17th Oct 2015

Everybody is looking to choose right E-liquid for himself. If you’ve found some famous brands selling vaping e-juice, the next step is to think about the kind of flavors you’re looking for. Most peopl … read more